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I was in a car wreck last week :(

This post isn’t going to be related to reading- unfortunately. Instead, I’m going to use this space to kind of journal my feelings at the moment.
Let me start from the beginning.
On August 28th, I signed papers on a brand spankin’ new Jeep Renegade Latitude.
I named her Khaleesi.
Here’s a picture of her in the car lot, is she not GORGEOUS?!

Anyways, I have quite enjoyed her. This was the first vehicle I have ever gotten into and enjoyed driving. I have loved driving her.

Here comes the bad part.
On last Monday (September 18th), I got into an accident. The other driver was drunk and drugged and well. This is their car. Or what’s left of it.

IMG_1383 (1)

They crossed into my lane, and then well did that. Unfortunately, Khaleesi didn’t make it out unscathed. She does have some damage but NOTHING like the other car. Most of the damage to me happened to the undercarriage but here’s my jeep. The tire is not turned, that’s a bent axle.

I feel SO lucky to even be alive right now, I was hurt some physically, but for the past week, I have been having pretty much near constant anxiety attacks, and nightmares from hell. I was hurt some

Obviously, I haven’t felt like reading lately.


3 thoughts on “I was in a car wreck last week :(

  1. I wish I could send you healing thoughts ❤️ Many of us have been there. The nightmares subside. The injuries heal. But we don’t forget. You’re not alone!


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