We Can Be Mended | A Divergent Series Epilogue | Veronica Roth | Reaction

Let me give you some back story on how I feel about this series first. 

Okay, so when Divergent came out I did most of my reading with a kindle, and I remember reading Allegiant on my kindle at my now ex boyfriends house in the living room. When a certain event happened, I threw my kindle. At a brick fireplace. Kindle did not survive. This kind of ruined the entire series for me, so when I heard that Carve the Mark had a preorder incentive that happened to be an epilogue for Divergent I signed up. I got my copy about an hour ago.and when I saw what it was I was excited, and then I got nervous. I was expecting for a preorder incentive this thing to be, I don’t know, I just expected more don’t get me wrong, this is better than nothing but I feel that this would have been better served on lets say.. a tumblr post or something of that nature. 

This thing is a grand total of 32 pages, and excuse my southern language, but it was literally just enough to piss you off. It read like a weird fanfiction where one of the characters was just completely okay with Four having the attitude of “Well, if I can have Tris because she’s dead, you’ll do.” Seriously. Have some standards. I just didn’t like where the epilogue went. 

One thing that really irked me was the author explaining that she left part of the story untold and made it seem like she wrote this for herself years ago. No, lets face it. You wrote this so more people would preorder Carve the Mark, don’t even go there. 

In other words: I am super disappointed in this, but I think I’m still going to hold on to it for a little while. But SERIOUSLY. Don’t even tease me like that if you’re not going to deliver. 


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